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Child Health & Development Interactive System

CHADIS Child Health & Development Interactive System

We are please to offer a complete developmental screening for you child thought the use of the CHILD Health AND DEVELOPMENTAL SYSTEM (CHADIS).

CHADIS iS a child developmental assessment tool that helps you understands your child’s developmental progress. Early identification and treatment of developmental problems is essential to promote optimal child developmental CHADIS is also an excellent tool in the diagnosis of ADHD.

Please complete the CHADIS questionnaires prior to your child next well visit or camp/school physical. Teacher may provide online input for you while with this tool, which is very helpful to us.

To use CHADIS please go online to register at and follow the initial registration prompts on the home page click new users register here and as a new user, you will be asked to enter the invitation code that links to our office. The invitation code is our office telephone number 7704462820. Once you enter the site, you will be asked to create a username and password for yourself.

If you have an appointment within the next two weeks, please login to CHADIS before your appointment your doctor has assigned questionnaires for your upcoming visit.
Thank you for your time and effort in completing CHADIS questionnaires.

You use of CHADIS help us to understand your child better. It also helps guide you in the important task oh enhancing your child developmental progress.
Example. PICTURE OF CHADIS, which means: child health and developmental interactive system.




Why Do Screening?

> Regular screening helps assess if children are developing on schedule, and helps identify issues early, even before some outward signs are present.> Early diagnosis and treatment of health, developmental and behavioral issues is essential to successfully dealing with them.> Screening has proven to show very high identification rates in those children with mental health or developmental disabilities.> American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends routine standardized developmental and behavioral screening for all children.

> Medicaid EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment) requires screening for developmental and mental health status.

> A growing number of states are now requiring certain levels of screening at all well-child visits and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

How does CHADIS work?

1) CHADIS delivers the doctor’s pre-selected questionnaires and families complete them online at home or in the waiting room.2) CHADIS collects all the answers, and automatically scores and tabulates them in an user-friendly electronic worksheet.3) CHADIS presents provisional diagnoses and links to decision-support information based on the responses.4) CHADIS selects informational handouts and community resources specific to the child and family needs.

5) CHADIS captures additional Clinician comments and information during the office visit.

6) CHADIS stores all visit data, creating a full record that can be copied into EMRs for referrals, billing, positive screen registry and patient diagnoses tracking.

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