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For some, acne is embarrassing. But for many, perhaps most, acne is devastating, No matter how brave an individual tries to appear, we know what it does to a person ‘s self-esteem to have scars on their face that seems to increase with each passing week.

There is no question about it; acne is the teenager’s most agonizing four letter word. Somehow it feels better to say ‚Äúproblem complexion”, blemishes or something bravo hip like “zits”. Whatever name, Acne looks the same. The first step is to understand a simple truth; ACNE is a DISEASE.

The triggering factors involve hormones acting on the sebaceous follicles, increases in sebum production and excessive bacterial growth. And, of course, the genetic connection and the stress connection.

Professional doctors consider that there are four grades of acne:
Grade I – closed and open comedones
Grade II – mostly closed comedones
Grade III – papules and pustules
Grade IV – nodules and cysts

As the condition continues, the types of lesions include first non-inflamed acne succeeded by inflamed acne. This results first in an inflammatory response and, left untreated, scar formation. For this reason, it is critical to initiate treatment before the condition advances to scar formation and hyper-pigmentation.

Consult your Health Care professional for treatment of acne.



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