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LaVista Norcross Clinic in Atlanta, GA offers a comprehensive range of care from infancy through adulthood to help you and your family maintain optimal health and wellness. Our doctor, nurse practitioner and staff are part of Children Healthcare of Atlanta Network. You can read more about specific services we offer by clicking on the specialty that interest you.


We are equipped to handle all of your pediatric needs. We provide a caring supportive, nurturing environment for both children and their families. Sick Child Same Day Appointments Available! Spanish and Portuguese speaking staff.

• Routine comprehensive health check-ups as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics—Newborn through College
• First Newborn exam
• Physical examination for school and sports
• Vision and hearing exams
• Vaccines, routine immunizations and flu shots
• Acne and rashes
• Adoption
• Allergy Testing and allergy vaccines
• Asthma
• Autism and pervasive developmental disorders
• Behavioral and developmental surveillance
• Birth defects
• Bronchiolitis
• Burns
• Cholesterol management
• Chronic illness
• Concussions and sports injuries
• Corneal abrasion
• Counseling and education on growth and development
• Croup
• Dermatological problems
• Disabilities exams for children
• Dental care dietary advice
• Downs syndrome
• Eating disorders
• Enuresis
• Ear piercing
• Fever
• Immunization and vaccines education
• Management of obesity
• Nebulizer dispense
• Newborn care
• Acoustic emission testing
• Nutritional advice and weight management
• Childhood obesity
• Parenting advice
• Pharyngitis strep testing
• Prenatal consultation
• Pulmonary functions testing
• Sleep management
• Sleep problems
• Teen Drug Screen
• Temperament
• STD screens
• Urinary tract infections


LaVista-Norcross Clinic treats adult patients for a variety of conditions from routine physical exams though routine ailments to aging issues. Please contact our office and discuss your needs with the Patient Coordinator.
• Routine Physical exams
• Obesity and Weight Management
• Hormonal screen and replacement
• Nutritional advice and weight management.
• Acne and dermatological problems.
• Multiple common medical conditions
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Asthma and Allergies


All consultations are by appointment only. We will be happy to address any personal concerns and guide you with the most honest and up-to-date advice regarding cosmetic issues.

Acne treatments

• Scars and stretch marks
• Hyper-pigmentation and LED treatments
• Chemical peels
• Microderm abrasion
• Leg vein and spider vein treatment with sclerotherapy
• Cellulite treatments
• Skin rejuvenation treatments
• Hair loss treatments
• Botox injections and dermafillers
• Cosmeseuticals and make up Naturaceuticals
• Age Management including hormonal testing and hormonal replacement, weight management and nutrition consulting
• Skin tag removal and keratosis removal

Creams and skin care

• ZoObagi
• Skinceuticals

Nutritional consultations

Based on training in Nutrition, Weight Management and Anti-aging, the LVNC staff is competent to advise you and your family on diet and exercise to maintain a healthy life.


We are thrilled to offer our new Travel Clinic under the direction of Dr Sanchez. We offer the following services and information:

• Pre-travel consultation,
• Post travel medical consultation
• Malaria prophylaxis guidance
• Precautions against insect-borne diseases.
• Travel diarrhea prevention and treatment.
• Review and update immunization against yellow fever, typhoid, meningitis, hepatitis A&B etc.
• Information about local hospitals and medical facilities.
• For travel safety tips , including medical, social,and political considerations, see

Before your visit, please fill out our Travel Visit form.
• Travel Form


LaVista-Norcross Clinic has been handling Immigration issues for nearly a decade. We are well acquainted with the requirements necessary for compliance.

• Physical Exams
• TB test
• Laboratory Testing
• Vaccinations
• Filing Forms


LaVista-Norcross Clinic is equipped to do on-site drug testing for all ages. Test results are available within minutes and can be delivered same-day to potential employers or confidentially directly to you.


LaVista-Norcross Clinic can perform a variety of blood, urine or pap smear tests in-house in a very time-efficient manner. Many results are available same-day. When necessary, sophisticated analyses are handled via contact laboratories, often over-night.


We are pleased to offer a complete developmental screening for your child thought the use of the Child Health and Developmental System (CHADIS). CHADIS is a child developmental assessment tool that helps you understand your child’s developmental progress. Early identification and treatment of developmental problems is essential to promote optimal child development. CHADIS is also an excellent tool in the diagnosis of ADHD.

Please complete the CHADIS questionnaires prior to your child’s next well visit or camp/school physical. Your child’s teacher may provide online input for you using this tool This is very helpful to us.

To use CHADIS  please go online to register at and follow the initial registration prompts. On the home page click New User Login Here. Asa new user, you will be asked to enter the invitation code that links to our office. The invitation code is our office telephone number; 7704462820. Once you enter the site, you will be asked to create a username and password for yourself.

If you have an appointment within the next two weeks, please login to CHADIS before your appointment so your doctor has  the assigned questionnaires for your upcoming visit.
Thank you for your time and effort in completing CHADIS questionnaires. Your use of CHADIS helps us to understand your child better. It also helps guide you in the important task of enhancing your child ‘developmental progress.


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Center for disease control
General pediatrics info www.heathly
Travel medicine
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Car seat safety  (AAP) www.heatlhy
Asthma and allergies
Pediatric asthma
Allergy and asthma network
H1N1 flu www.cdcgov/H1N1FLU

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